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Third party Car Insurance

I hope you’ve thought about insuring your car for an accident, I know it’s not everyone who thinks of insurance, especially a first-time driver. I’m a first-time driver and in the office, I’ve never heard anyone speak of third party car insurance. Is this insurance regular car insurance or does it have extended services?

I went on a trip to Cape Town last year December and that’s when I realized how important it was to have car insurance. If you have a restricted budget you should look at a car insurance package, basically, third party car insurance is suitable for people who have little money to spend on insurance policies.

Thanks to the advances in technology nowadays people do online shopping, you can find insurance quotes from many different insurance providers. The reason for this is many drivers are now searching for cheap third party car insurance quotes. If you are thinking of changing your car it is recommended that you establish which cars and engine sizes attract lower premiums.

Third party car insurance protects you in situations where you are involved in a car accident, it will cover the other vehicles driver and car. In an event of an accident, third party car insurance also covers the loss of life and property damage because of the car accident.

When getting this type of car insurance make sure it covers bodily and property damage. Sometimes people choose the low cover which at times conflicts with their requirements in an event of an accident. However, numerous individuals are lucky enough not to need this insurance but as I said, “lucky” because driving without insurance on these roads is very dangerous. Insurance companies will enjoy giving coverage to those with security systems in their vehicles, not to mention that criminals have mastered most of the technical devices.

In an event of an accident, the monthly premiums paid by individuals could be reduced or outweighed by the amount they will have to pay. In conclusion, third party car insurance provides a cheap way of getting the legal minimum insurance requirements

Comprehensive Car Insurance

With comprehensive car insurance you are covered from theft and hijacking, car accidents included. This is not all that you’ll receive from this type of insurance but an outstanding service package. The repair costs to your vehicle for replacement parts or damages are covered very well with comprehensive car insurance.

Accidents are not the only thing you face when driving, but you may scratch or bump your car. As I was driving to make a delivery in the Pretoria area, I was following a truck which was loaded with small stones one cracked my window, what can I do? You’ll maybe have to replace the windscreen, how much is that? You can easily get such information online and just use the insurer website.

Comprehensive car insurance covers disasters which can occur at any time such as windstorms, fallen tree branches and hail. The coverage of theft usually covers the car itself and things considered to be parts of the car, “those attached to the car” and mostly personal things like MP3 player and Walkman are not covered, but there are insurers where you can claim those types of losses.

Comprehensive car insurance in most cases does not cover collision. For the new vehicle owner, I would think about getting comprehensive cover. Being covered whenever on the road is what you should be focused on when searching for insurance because it shouldn’t matter where you were driving to in an event of an accident “especially with your personal vehicle”

Agreement by experts is made when they consider the fact that slightly higher monthly premiums are far better investments when compared to paying out a large sum of money of a non-covered loss. People undermine the importance of good insurance policies; it is actually good to have insurance in many facets of life. Don’t fool yourself in looking for a good comprehensive car insurance policy but check whether the benefits will suit your needs.

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