About Us

We are a local business here to help you find and source the latest special offers and deals relating to your insurance needs and other details like medical aid and more. We hope that out efforts help you a lot.

Where it all began

You see – This is a true story – I do marketing for businesses online and I was approached by a friend a while ago who was going to start to sell insurance.

Together we bought this domain and as soon as it was getting to look good, he changed careers.

So the website sat doing nothing for a long time.

BUT, and we all know how frustrating this next point is – I needed to get insurance for my car and started to search online for quotes.

Well, as you can imagine, there are thousands of pages offering the best quotes. But how was I to know who was the best for my needs?

So, I set out to build this site up to the point where I have as much information I could find relating to the insurance industry so that I could come and blog about it and offer you options as to where you can go and research the insurance options available for your specific needs.

I hope that I achieve my goal of helping you.

Finally, before I go, if you are in the insurance industry – I will happily feature your company IF you have an offer or a unique selling point that might be what people are looking for.

Please contact me if you need to do so.

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